A Visit to Dairy Farm Primary school of APS Missamari had gone on an educational excursion to dairy farm. Children were very excited  about the visit. We started our journey at 10:10AM from the school. After reaching the dairy farm children were queued class  wise by their respective teachers. We divided the classes in three groups. 1st and 2nd together. 3rd and 4th in one  group and 5th class by itself. Firstly we saw the poultry farm where children knowledge was enhanced about How an  egg is prepared in an incubator for 18 days and after that shifted to another chamber for 3days, where the egg hatch  and the new born chick are dried. From there they are shifted to Broiler’s where they are red and reared.  After this the children were taken to another room where they were shown, how milk is stored and packed in thick  polythene bags after Pasteurization and are made ready for distribution.  After this children were made to sit in the garden where they all had their tiffin and chatted away excitedly about  their observation’s. Once they had break of 20 minutes, we reached to our final visit to the cattle shed. There children  saw lots of Frieswal cows, which give around 3000 liter mild to meet the demand of Missamari station.  After this last round we started back for our school. Children loved the trip and it was a memorable event for  them.  Chillar Party Army Public School, Missamari organised a movie show for the students of classes I to X at Shangrilla Auditorium.  The students were very excited as they were going to watch an entertaining children’s movie “CHILLAR PARTY”. The  whole school along with the teachers and 02 Group-D members enjoyed the experience very much.  ABOUT THE MOVIE:  CHILLAR PARTY  is a fun filled movie about a gang of innocent yet feisty kids who lead a carefree and fun filled life  in Chandan Nagar colony. Soon, Fatka and Bheedu come into their lives and they become an inseparable part of Chillar  Party. The lives of these Chillar Party kids get difficult when Bheedu’s life is endangered, all because of a mean politician.  Together, they fight the big bad world of politics and show that even “CHHOTE BACHCHE” can move mountains. WHAT THE CHILDREN LEARNT :-  Children, by this story, learnt that it is not only important how to make friends but also how to keep them. They  also learnt that the right and the courageous always come out as WINNERS. Children of class VIII were taken to 4 Corps OMC. The main purpose was to inform the students about causes of  fire and the ways to control it. General precautions to be taken on the outbreak of fire was also discussed. It was an informative, thrilling and highly educative experience for the students. Students attended a short lecture on minor fires where they learnt about the following:  Different types of fires. Ways to control each one of them. Three basic conditions needed for fire i.e A combustible substance, presence of O2 and heat. Role of fire extinguisher in eliminating anyone of the above conditions to control fire.  Students also saw a demo on use of fire fighting van and various types of fire extinguishers. They got a hands-on-experience by getting an opportunity to handle and operate different fire extinguishers  themselves.  The visit was truly a learning by doing experience for the class. Visit to 4 Corps OMC A visit to bank The students of class IV to V were given an opportunity to understand the working of a bank in the most  comprehensive manner i.e. a resource person from SBI; Missamari was invited to the school to brief the students  regarding the working of a bank. It was heartening to see and hear the students participating with full enthusiasm in  the discussion and also displaying their knowledge of the working of the bank.  Students were taken to the bank and shown around so that they know the responsibilities and the working of  various officials of the bank. Students came back happy and excited as the activity brought about a new confidence of knowing their  neighborhood in a better manner. 
** APS Missamari Teachers' & Studetn's wishes you all a very happy new Year 2020. ** Annual Examination will be conducted from 12 Feb 2020. ** Results for classes I to IX will be declared on 27 Mar 2020.
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